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Imperial Valley Study Group

USGS Map of Imperial Valley

The Imperial Valley Study Group (IVSG), formerly known as the Salton Sea Study Group (SSSG), is an offshoot of the Tehachapi Study Group (TSG), created in Phase 6 of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proceeding I.00-11-001.

This proceeding currently has eight phases; Phase 6 focuses on the development of renewable resources in the state. The CPUC, in D.04-06-010, required the TSG to consider whether to form additional planning collaborative groups to develop transmission solutions to access renewable resources in other areas of the state. In response, the TSG established a committee and directed it to explore the formation of a study group to develop transmission solutions to access geothermal resources in the Imperial Valley. As a result, a study group for the Imperial Valley area has been created under this policy directive from the CPUC, and supported by several initiatives at the Energy Commission.

The Energy Commission's Integrated Energy Policy Report proceeding calls for the development of transmission solutions capable of accessing renewable resources, including Imperial Valley geothermal resources. At the initial meeting of the study group in November 2004, the group adopted the name "Imperial Valley Study Group," (IVSG) and requested the Energy Commission to host a website to facilitate posting the group's documents.

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